And all the roads we have to walk are winding, and all the lights that lead us there are blinding.
Because maybe, You're gonna be the one that saves me. And after all, You're my wonderwall.

Ok soo in my “Household” I Cannot express my opinions.

EVERYONE in my “household” are the reasons why i cant express my feelings BUT My step “Dad” is the most reason of ALL Here are the reasons why i cant express my feelings because of him and him only:

1.(And the fact that i have to count numbers of reasons why is sad seeing as he’s my “dad” and all) Im a Girl. He is extremely sexist. So he continually says “WOMEN” as saying “uhhh woman are stupid they know nothing” and this just happened about a minute ago as a matter of fact and he told me to shut up and my ass would be seeing a belt ok yah that may be an exaggeration for Right NOW but he has said it and My sister backs him up to say “Kella just stop talking, stop saying stuff” and she sometimes likes to talk to me about how i behave like talking back but all that ” Talking back” is just me saying my opinion because They think think i dont have an opinion.

2.Im a Child. First of all let me say this is the worst of all i mean for children or you know teens.I Dont need respect to give respect is basically what they say. I need to show a stranger (My step “dad”) Respect uhmmmm hell no. So until i move out of “HIS” House (which is funny Because my mom payed for the house) I have no say what so ever. “You’re a child” “This is “My” House” are just some of the things “he” (reason why i quote is because he’s not a man and shall never me named a man he doesnt act like a man at all) Im a child it doesnt matter what i say.”Im an Adult I can do whatever i want,you’re a chillld” Let me say if you ever use this excuse you are a coward and need to think up a better reason.

3.I dont matter unless someone comes over and he has to act like he thinks i matter.This is sick.If you pretend to be someone different infront of your family,or just anyone else that doesnt know you’re a total douche bag.Say if the social services came,Which they did once but not for me sadly He would act like he never yells or hits us with belts or emotionally,and mentally abuses me or anybody else.Yah anyone who clearly knows him knows its all lies.

4.”You’re stupid You know nothing” Yah he thinks im stupid. but in fact i know more than him believe it or not. He thinks he knows freakin everything thinks he’s a freakin genius which he’s clearly not.

5..”m An Adult” Yah because he’s an adult gives him the right to make all the decisions in my life or dictate


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I thought he turned gay cause  a dat shit

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